Saturday, July 16, 2016

Yandex Application is now available on the Apple Watch

The company Yandex Yandex has released a corporate application for smart watches Apple Watch. It provides access to the eponymous service and allows you to make payments directly from your wrist, without taking each time the smartphone. It should be noted that for the payment of any service to screen hours, it must first be added to the "Favorites." all the basic functions that a mobile app, including payment services, money transfers, check the balance of the electronic purse and receive notifications of committed payments in Yandex version for Apple Watch are available. The developers plan to develop the app and adding new features in the future.

According to research firm IDC, Apple Watch in last year it owned 60% of the market of "smart" watches. Analysts also believe that the next five years, sales of handheld devices will increase by 20% annually and by 2020 their shipments will grow to 214 million units.Another interesting study was carried out by AC & M Consulting, which found that, as of today, about 12 million people in Russia to pay for goods and services using mobile devices. And according to TNS, 38% of Russians use smartphones for payment of electronic purses, 49% use it for SMS-messages, 55% use bank cards, and 61% prefer online banking application. The most popular services for payment with mobile devices are remittances, mobile account replenishment, purchasing at online stores, housing and utility services, as well as taxes and traffic fines.
To install the app on Yandex Apple Watch, it must be downloaded to the iPhone or update to the latest version, and then synchronize the clock. Service is also available on Android, Windows 10, and Windows Phone.

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