Sunday, September 3, 2017

Dell's XPS 13 is a laptop? most compact 13.3-inch Ultrabook with a frameless display, battery full day of battery life and the latest innovative technology, provides users with an excellent opportunity.
Laptop Dell XPS 13 with the body thickness of less than 0.63 cm at its thinnest point and weighing only 1.36 kg combines both an attractive appearance and good performance. Together with the latest Intel technologies such as Rapid Start and Smart Connect, the new product allows users to work more efficiently, stay in touch and to respond quickly to the situation, no matter where they were.
As the latest and most mobile laptop in Dell's portfolio, the model of the XPS 13 is part of an older Dell XPS line of laptops now constitute 20% of the total volume of Dell's business in the sector of consumer-grade laptop. Over the past year, after the company has updated the brand in accordance with modern requirements of mobile professionals, sales of laptops XPS increased by 207%.
Model XPS 13 includes all the tools that may be required for people on the trip: Intel Core i second generation processor, Intel HD 3000 graphics card and display WLED high resolution with a brightness of 300 nits, offering excellent opportunities for viewing and a built-in ultra-portable device that does not burden the owner traveling. For those who like to keep a large number of movies, the XPS 13 music tracks and photos provide optional Intel SSD with a capacity of 128 and 256 GB.
"XPS 13 model is the culmination of a large-scale design and development process aimed at creating the best ultrabook on the planet?said Jeff Clark (Jeff Clarke), vice president of Dell's global operations and solutions to end users. This notebook is designed specifically to help our customers and buyers in both the consumer and corporate segments, to be more productive in their work and provide them with maximum interoperability. All the features? from frameless display, allowing to build a bigger display in a compact body, to the foundations of innovative carbon fiber, light and cold to the touch? XPS 13 model demonstrates our commitment to offer the most advanced in the industry mobile solutions with excellent performance and durability. "
Elaborately designed from the very moment when it was first conceived in 2010, and artfully crafted laptop XPS 13 provides users with maximum possibilities ultrabook: the screen from edge to the lid edge with reinforced glass Gorilla Glass, a full-size backlit keyboard and large touchpad with glass coating and built-in buttons, supporting recognition of multiple touches simultaneously (function Multi-Gesture), up to 8 hours 53 minutes of battery life? all in case of 1.36 kg weight.
13.3-inch HD screen is easily accommodated in the form-factor 11-inch product, making it the most compact ultrabook (other 13.3 "laptops offer the same viewing area but have a 15% larger area). Unique composite body of carbon fiber gives the visual appeal of novelty. Furthermore, it is easier and cooler to the touch than aluminum.
With the Dell XPS 13 is easy to be constantly connected and quickly go online. This is one of the first Ultrabooks with Intel Smart Connect technology, which is activated periodically to scan for known networks and update calendar and e-mail. Through Intel Rapid Start technology and drives SSD model XPS 13 boots in seconds and laptop users get the performance and instant access as smartphone. Shortly after the release of this model, Dell is also integrating it means positioning Skyhook and Google Places.
"When I started discussing what would be the ultrabook, we carefully thought out options as to provide users with not only incredible mobility, but also a performance of what they could expect from a much larger device dimensions in the Dell",? said Steve Felice (Steve Felice), President of Dell Consumer and Small / Medium Business Group. Just "good enough" ultrabook is not good enough for us.The XPS 13 we sought to achieve what may ideally be a ultrabook, and provide users with an excellent opportunity. "
"XPS 13? this is the most balanced of the Ultrabook class of all models on the market? sure Rob Enderle (Rob Enderle), an analyst at Enderle Group. ? Ultrabooks are now forcing people to choose between beauty and practicality, but Dell made sure to make his proposal is not only very attractive in appearance, but meeting the most important needs of the representatives of the business world and the education system. Probably, the XPS 13 model can best be described as "a great and uncompromising."
The XPS 13 Dell has taken another step towards creating a product attractive to all buyers, suitable for work and entertainment. Dell has tried to simplify their IT departments a choice of laptops from security tools and services that they value, offer product appearance and design that meet the modern requirements of executives and mobile workers. Friendly to the corporate environment tools include standard Trusted Platform Module for BitLocker Data Encryption Data Encryption (not available in the countries of Eastern Europe and Russia), the optional after-sales support ProSupport and services   the Configuration Services , such as custom system images and tagging of assets.

Detailed information
  • Ultra-thin laptop (0,24-0,71 "/ 6 18 mm?) Running Microsoft Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium; aluminum precision machining and base of carbon fiber.
  • Processors Intel Core i3 2367M, i5 2467M and i7 2637M.
  • Frame display 13,3 "HD WLED, 300 nits (1366 768?) 720p; Reinforced glass Gorilla Glass.
  • Intel HD 3000 video card.
  • RAM 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM 1333 MHz.
  • Optional drives SSD 128 or 256 GB.
  • Full-size backlit keyboard and large touchpad with a glass cover and integrated buttons, supporting recognition of multiple touches simultaneously (function Multi-Gesture).
  • Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 802.11 A / G / N and Bluetooth 3.0 wireless communication.
  • HD Audio with Waves MaxxAudio 4.
  • Built-in battery 47 Wh, 6 cell, and 8 hours 53 minutes of battery life, the power of 45 W adapter.
  • Ports USB 3.0 (1) + USB 2.0 with PowerShare (1), a mini-Display-Port, headphone jack (1).
  • Built-in Web-camera 1.3MP (H.264 via Skype) with a two-channel digital microphone.
  • Optional support Dell ProSupport, Dell Configuration Services and Windows Trusted Platform Module for commercial models.
  • ? Dimensions: Height Width Depth = 6 18316205 mm??? weight ? from 1.36 kg.
Prices and release dates
In a Dell laptop the Russian market, the XPS 13 will be available in March of this year.

Dell XPS 13 ultrabook

Dell has introduced an entire new line of workstations, the Precision series, ready to create and use virtual reality content. All new computers meet the minimum technical requirements to work with VR at an optimal level, are supplied with licensed graphics drivers and company have been testing the performance of the implementation of the requirements of manufacturers of helmets of virtual reality, independent software vendors, or existing benchmarks.
"Workstations Dell Precision is not the first year provide specific computing capabilities, including the creation of spectacular 3D-maze, computer simulation and engineering calculations. This virtual reality of a new generation of popularizing VR technology makes it popular. The possibilities of realization are endless and our workstations meet high requirements for performance and reliability for VR content creation ", - said Raul Tiku, executive director and head of Dell Precision units.

For content creators, Dell has developed three workstations in the tower housing Precision Tower 5810, 7810 and 7910, as well as the system for rack mounting Precision Rack 7910. All of them have improved performance thanks to Intel Broadwell EP processors with more cores to support multi-threaded applications, improved graphics and memory required to create VR-content. Computers are suitable for professional modeling, analysis and computation.

The workstations tower Precision Tower uses the latest graphics processors from AMD, and the NVIDIA, drives Precision Ultra-Speed ​​PCle, which is four times more productive than traditional SATA SSD drives, and operational DDR4 memory is clocked at 2400 MHz, Capacity up to 1 TB.

Powered by the patented Dell Reliable Memory Technology technology to increase the reliability of memory and Dell Intel CAS-W for hardware acceleration of the cache memory. In these systems, liquid cooling is also implemented, whereby the noise level was reduced by 38%.

In addition to desktop solutions Dell also introduced a mobile workstation Precision 3000 Series 15 (3510), 5000 (5510) and 7000 (7510) and Precision 17, 7000 (7710). They are fully kastomiziruemye and certified for use with professional applications. 15-inch Model 15 Precision (3510) was 26% thinner and 12% lighter than the previous generation, but the size was increased touchpad.

The Precision 15 (3510) uses the processors of the sixth generation Intel Core and Intel Xeon, AMD FirePro graphics card, RAM DDR4 standard and third-generation Thunderbolt interface. This set delivers high performance for fast 3D- modeling and calculations.

15-inch Precision 15 (5510) is equipped with a 4K-display UltraSharp PremierColor InfinityEdge with a thin frame that is capable of displaying 100% color gamut Adobe. Its body is 6% thinner and 17% smaller than the previous generation model, and weighs less than 1.78 kg.

This system comes with an Intel Core processors or sixth generation mobile Intel Xeon processors, graphics NVIDIA Quadro, DDR4 RAM Thunderbolt and 3, and also supports PCIe SSD drives with capacity up to 1 TB.

Laptop Precision 15 (7510) boasts performance workstation in a tower case, but it has a thin shell of premium materials. It uses an advanced cooling system, which allows not to reduce the CPU speed during start-intensive applications.

In models Precision 15 (7510) and Precision 17 (7710) using Intel Core processors of the sixth generation, and the world's first mobile Intel Xeon processor, graphics card NVIDIA Quadro or AMD FirePro. The Precision 17 (7710) is set to 17-inch UltraSharp IPS-screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 or 3840x2160 UltraSharp IGZO with permission.

All new Dell workstations are supplied with pre-installed Dell Precision Optimizer software for centralized management using System Center Configuration Manager console. With it, users can increase the performance of the workstation by the automatic settings for a specific professional application. Presented workstations and tested applications Autodesk, Adobe, Solidworks and other companies.

"The company HTC Vive designs and creates solutions where the user is located in the center of the virtual space, and the entire content - around him, and he interacts with them in a natural way The decision applies to both the game and to other areas: education, medicine, engineering. ., design and trade We are pleased to collaborate with the company Dell, because it creates solutions that contribute to the expansion of the scope of application of virtual reality systems and the creation of new VR applications, "- said Dan O'Brien, HTC vice president of virtual reality.
The new Dell Precision workstations are available now through Dell official partners.

Dell launches workstations supporting VR

Today, representatives of Western Digital announced the acquisition of SanDisk. The parties have entered into a definitive agreement, but they still need to obtain permission from regulatory authorities and the approval of all shareholders. It is expected that the transaction will be completed only in the second half of next year. The acquisition price is $ 19 billion. Payment will be made both in cash and shares of Western Digital.
Last year was not the best for SanDisk. The company has experienced a number of problems with the production, which in turn affected its share price. Therefore, analysts have suggested that one of the largest manufacturers of Flash-drives may become the target of larger corporations.
It is expected that the purchase SanDisk will allow Western Digital to strengthen the market position of storage solutions, as well as to expand its presence in new segments.

Western Digital will buy SanDisk for $ 19 billion

The company officially unveiled the MediaTek processor Helio P20. It is characterized by high energy efficiency, at the same time contains eight working cores, which give the performance at the level of the top solutions. Compared to the familiar chip P10, in Helio P20 to 25% improved power efficiency with the support of the latest 16 nm process technology and FinFET + RAM LPDDR4X standard.The cores ARM Cortex-A53 architecture running at speeds up to 2.3 GHz, and the new ARM Mali-T880 MP2 graphics chip operates at 900 MHz, "pulling" launch any application, or video games even at high settings.
the most advanced process technology 16 nm FinFET + from TSMC, which guarantees a significant increase in productivity and reduction in energy consumption was used when creating the company Helio P20. The internal comparative tests of processors in applications-Javascript is shown that process technology based on 16-nm chips retain 15% more battery power at the end of the test time than the previous-generation processors.
MediaTek Helio P20 - the world's first chipset with support for standard memory LPDDR4X. RAM LPDDR4X provides 70% more bandwidth than LPDDR3, which gives even greater responsiveness and smoothness of the smartphone interface when working with the camera and video, as well as in games. Furthermore, the new standard for memory 20% more energy efficient because of the previous work with a lower voltage.
Following the global trend of intensive growth of LTE-networks, Helio P20 is equipped with extensive support for advanced mobile technologies. The chipset is capable of operating in FDD networks and TDD (release 10) all common bands corresponds to the standard LTE Cat. 6 (data transmission / reception speed 300/50 Mbit / s) and the carriers supported aggregation scheme 2x20 MHz.Smartphones equipped with the chipset Helio P20, will be able to support data and voice on two SIM-cards simultaneously, where one SIM-card will work with the LTE, and the second with the WCDMA-networks.
Another feature of P20 - a processor for image processing (ISP), using an architecture similar to the flagship solution of MediaTek Helio X20. This ISP with 12-bit color depth support to shoot up to 24 frames per second with zero latency (Zero Shutter Delay) and a resolution of 24 megapixels. Set MediaTek Imagiq technologies, as implemented in the P20, includes noise images with the recognition of different textures suppression system support matrices RWWB-type (twice as bright matrices with the traditional arrangement of pixels RGB), phase autofocus, as well as improved image processing hardware for more natural, vivid and detailed pictures. Chipset Helio P20 is equipped with support for displaying an image on two displays simultaneously DSI standard. Thus, manufacturers of smartphones and other mobile devices will be able to equip their terminals to broadcast images on the external screen.
"We have developed Helio P20, to meet the demand for thin, powerful and at the same time extremely energy-efficient solutions, - says Geoffrey Yu, executive vice president of MediaTek -. Customers are increasingly concerned about how long your smartphone will run on a single charge and what new multimedia features it has to offer. the MediaTek accepts this challenge with outstanding innovation. "
MediaTek Helio - this flagship family of processors, which provides high performance, outstanding performance of the devices on a single battery charge thanks to the weight of energy-efficient technologies and high-end multimedia capabilities. Family MediaTek Helio consists of two lines - Helio X and Helio P. chipsets MediaTek Helio X focused on ensuring productivity and advanced multimedia technologies, while the line of chipsets MediaTek Helio P - is optimized power consumption and the possibility of high-end smartphones in compact and thin devices.
Chipset MediaTek helio P20 will be available to device manufacturers in the second half of 2016.

MediaTek Helio P20 first taught to work with RAM LPDDR4X


The company introduced the Imagination of the ongoing exhibition MWC in Barcelona in 2016 a new generation of the PowerVR graphics accelerator, designed for high-performance low-cost devices. The company said that the graphics processor PowerVR Series8XE able to provide smartphones and tablets better performance at low power consumption and chip area. In this case the new processors have the ability to visualize the hardware, provide security, as well as support for new graphics standards.
"Graphics chips PowerVR become the heart of the best selling phones, tablets and other devices We believe that Series8XE -. It is the best available 

today GPU for low-cost devices," - said Peter McGuinness, Director of Marketing Imagination Company.
The new chips are 25% less than the chips  Series7XE , but they are able to provide the same speed. It is worth noting that the performance Series8XE 60-100% higher than those of other nuclei GPUs similar size and their size is on average 30-45% lower chipset other manufacturers.

Imagination supports a variety of the API, as well, including OpenGL ES 3.2 and Vulkan 1.0, which means the new GPU can be used not only in smartphones and tablets, but also in 4K TVs, set-top boxes, as well as robotics and wearable gadgets.

Currently, chips are a common licensing to larger number of producers can use them in their devices.

GPU Imagination PowerVR Series8XE 25% less than predecessors

Today, the company MediaTek has officially unveiled the new MT2511 chip, designed specifically for the medical and fitness devices.According to the company, MT2511 low power consumption and has a high dynamic range and sampling frequency from 64 Hz to 4 kHz. With this new chip has no problems with signal interference and interference from unnecessary movements while monitoring the electrical signals of the heart.

Representatives MediaTek note that high accuracy allows the use of a new chip to remove the electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram, pulse oximetry and obtain data on blood pressure.

Mass production MT2511 will begin in the first half of 2016.

MediaTek MT2511 will find application in medical and fitness devices

As it was promised earlier, Intel has in detail told about new industry partner, with whom plans to develop and promote high-speed mobile network of the fifth generation. In addition, Barcelona were presented new products, which form the foundation for the development of new wireless networks that can come into our lives in the foreseeable future. Intel promises that the development of the fifth-generation networks will provide new experiences in everyday life.

The need for a new wireless mobile technology so tangible, the more evident the growing popularity of embedded devices. 
This applies to both sports equipment and autonomous drones that can independently move away from the collision, to unmanned vehicles, "smart" cities and much more. Connecting objects to each other, the organization of network access to these devices and their integration with the cloud makes unprecedented demands on today's wireless networks.
Together with industry leaders Intel lays the foundation for the fifth-generation networks. Intel is actively working with the mobile ecosystem leaders to pave the way for the widespread commercial availability of the fifth generation of networks in the future.
"The emergence of billions of new, more and more intelligent devices that need to connect to the network, creating personalized services that provide intensive data processing, as well as the development of cloud applications dictate the need for more intelligent and powerful networks - says Aicha Evans, corporate vice president and general Managing Intel communication and Devices Group divisions -. The transition to the fifth-generation networks to interconnect with high-performance communications and computing and marks a fundamental shift for the industry to us why it is important now to lay the groundwork for future fifth-generation networks, to enable the most amazing future experience. ".
Ericsson and Intel are collaborating with mobile operators to create 5G solutions and conduct joint tests under the expansion of existing partnerships, aimed at the transformation of the network, the development of cloud computing and the Internet of Things.
KT and Intel intend to hold the 2018 joint tests 5G networks, a new initiative will promote the development and testing of 5G wireless technology, the relevant network devices and virtual network platforms, as well as implementation of joint efforts to standardize them.
LG Electronics and Intel have developed and launched a test operation 5G telematics technology for a new generation of cars.
Nokia and Intel are working to develop radio technology and network solutions that meet the requirements of the future 5G standard that will accelerate the release of a client 5G device and the corresponding wireless infrastructure, and to ensure the compatibility of technologies radio 5G to meet the requirements of the connected device for the implementation of wireless networks of the future .
SK Telecom and Intel for 2016 will be engaged in the development and testing of mobile devices and network solutions 5G, as well as devices for network access using the Licensed Assisted Access technology (LAA) in the unlicensed bands. As part of their existing cooperation on the development of 5G technology companies have made some progress in the area of ​​the radio access network technologies, including technologies anchor-booster cell and massive MIMO in order to further increase the capacity of wireless networks 5G.
Verizon and Intel have conducted field tests of wireless solutions 5G and the forum Verizon 5G Technology Forum show the effectiveness of the use of millimeter range, providing an order of magnitude higher network capacity and data rates than current cellular network, and demonstrate its application possibilities for creating high-quality and high-speed wireless coverage for home and businesses.
Intel offers a platform and is working with industry leaders to create an early prototype solutions; All this is intended to accelerate the development of the fifth generation of communication technologies and will contribute to the industry readiness for deployment 5G networks. Intel Platform 5th generation mobile communication test is a high-performance development platform for more rapid integration and testing-5G devices and wireless access points. Currently, Intel in collaboration with the world's largest mobile operators develop 5G technology solutions creates prototypes and tests of this new experimental platform.

Intel also provides wireless solutions for a variety of different smartphones smartpedov, PC and Internet of Things. Solutions for network access for the Internet of Things:
  • Intel Atom x3-M7272 solution is a wireless communications platform for the automotive industry; in it features innovative security features, including the ability to create firewalls and packet filtering.
  • Intel XMM 7115 modem is designed to provide support for the first wave of devices and applications built on the basis of technology Narrowband IOT (NB-IOT).
  • Intel XMM 7315 modem combines in a single chip LTE-modem and applications processor, supports LTE standards Category M and NB-IOT is an ideal solution for those terminals, which require the broadest possible coverage, low power consumption and low price.
  • Intel XMM 6255M Modem delivers reliable communications on 3G even in the most difficult conditions, and the modem the size of 20% less than the previous generation of devices, making it the smallest in the world of stand-alone 3G modem. It can be used to provide communication for the very different equipment and is designed to provide a more rapid transition to a new generation of wireless networks.
  • LTE-modem Intel XMM 7120M is an ideal solution for the machine to machine, and enables connection to the network for a number of different IoT-devices, including safety devices, smart meters, instruments for monitoring the use of different resources, and industrial automation equipment.
  • LTE connectivity for smartphones, tablets and PCs - Intel XMM 7480 modem is suitable for use in resource-intensive applications, such as in multiplayer games, or in solutions for virtual reality, and provides a reliable connection to the LTE Advanced mode with peak download speeds of up to 450 Mbit / s. Designed for global markets, the XMM 7480 modem supports more than 33 LTE bands in one article - more than any other LTE-modem, as well as the possibility of aggregation of carriers in the configuration 4x both paired (FDD), and unpaired (TDD) sections spectrum.

Intel to accelerate the transition to fifth generation mobile networks

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Samsung Gear S2 began to receive a firmware update (version R732XXU2DPFB). Package volume of 61.1 MB includes some new features and interface improvements. The update is available for the regular version Gear S2, and for Gear S2 Classic and brings new design of the dial, the ability to share information about training, automatic sleep tracking, the new S Voice command and contacts app widget. Recall "smart" Samsung Gear S2 Watch received 1.22-inch Super AMOLED-display, dual-core processor Exynos 3250 with a frequency of 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. 

A full list of changes in the update:
  • a new face, "My Pictures";
  • added the ability to share information in a social network and automatically measure information about a dream;
  • new voice command for the timer and messages (for the US only, Korea, China and Japan);
  • added to the application "Contacts" and the widget;
  • Added display of information about the Sunset, Dawn, and GMT time;
  • emphasis added days to the scheduled events on the calendar;
  • an opportunity to download applications without the use of a smartphone.
Update is now available for owners of smart watches from Samsung, and you can install it with your smartphone, after updating the app companion to the latest version.

Samsung Gear S2 become more independent from the smartphone