Sunday, October 23, 2016

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Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2016-2017

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Samsung Gear S2 began to receive a firmware update (version R732XXU2DPFB). Package volume of 61.1 MB includes some new features and interface improvements. The update is available for the regular version Gear S2, and for Gear S2 Classic and brings new design of the dial, the ability to share information about training, automatic sleep tracking, the new S Voice command and contacts app widget. Recall "smart" Samsung Gear S2 Watch received 1.22-inch Super AMOLED-display, dual-core processor Exynos 3250 with a frequency of 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. 

A full list of changes in the update:
  • a new face, "My Pictures";
  • added the ability to share information in a social network and automatically measure information about a dream;
  • new voice command for the timer and messages (for the US only, Korea, China and Japan);
  • added to the application "Contacts" and the widget;
  • Added display of information about the Sunset, Dawn, and GMT time;
  • emphasis added days to the scheduled events on the calendar;
  • an opportunity to download applications without the use of a smartphone.
Update is now available for owners of smart watches from Samsung, and you can install it with your smartphone, after updating the app companion to the latest version.

Samsung Gear S2 become more independent from the smartphone

By Google last week released the July update to Android security for all Nexus line of devices. Often, these updates include fixes for vulnerabilities and improve, but this time, users are faced with several challenges. The owners of Nexus 5 smartphone after installing the latest update (MOB30P) became massively complain about the error associated with the volume control. Some can not change the volume during a call, while others do not disable it comes to applications, others complain that the smartphone and all became very quiet, and it is almost inaudible. The Google already knows about the existence of the problem.

Renowned designer Francisco Franco says his custom kernel fixes a problem with the sound on the Nexus 5. In this case, users have reported that in order to resolve the error is sufficient to establish the old kernel, or core of any third-party developer. Nexus 5 owners also offer to install a previous firmware and wait for the next update from Google.

On Nexus 5, there were problems with the sound of the last update

Samsung starts sales of wireless headphones Gear IconX in Russia. In addition to music features, the new model has a function of tracking of physical activity that emphasizes its focus on the athletes and the people who lead an active lifestyle. Ease of use during training is provided through a special form: it allows you to securely attach the earphone, activating it when placed in the ear, eliminating background noise. Surface Gear IconX also serves as a touch panel to control playback.

The source for news from Samsung is not necessary to use a smartphone or player. Gear IconX know how to play music with 4GB built-in storage. Fitness Tracker headphones can measure distance, speed, duration of exercise, heart rate and calculates the burnt calories.The voice interface is able to articulate the information without putting the music on pause, and workout data is available through the company's application S Health.

Specifications Samsung Gear IconX:
  • 4 GB of internal memory;
  • Bluetooth 4.1 interface to connect;
  • dynamic headphone driver;
  • splash protection;
  • headphone dimensions - 18,9 x 26,4 x 26,0 mm, weight - 6.3 g;
  • Dimensions of the case, the battery - 92 x 30,3 x 35,3 mm, weight - 52 grams;
Samsung Gear IconX will be available in black, blue and white color options Corps from 15 July. In Russia, the gadget will get a price tag of 12 990 rubles.

Headphones Samsung Gear IconX able to replace a number of devices for training

Earlier this year, representatives of the company Sony has officially confirmed the existence of a more powerful console PlayStation 4 Neo, and according to some sources, it must submit this year. So far, no details about the technical characteristics of the set-top box was not, but this week there was a leak in a network with all the details. According to these data, in the Neo PlayStation 4 will use the same eight-processor AMD Jaguar, as in the usual PlayStation 4, but the core rate will increase from 1.6 to 2.1 GHz.
About the model or manufacturer of the video card is not reported, but we know that there will be 36 units of computer, operating at a frequency of 911 MHz, while the PlayStation 4 GPU computing has only 18 units. This should provide a performance boost of 2.3 times.The volume of GDDR5 memory will remain unchanged (8 GB), but its capacity will increase to 176 Gbit / s to 218 Gb / s. Also, the source reported that the sale will be a version with a hard drive of 500 GB and 1 TB.
The published information is not confirmed yet, but many sources say that the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Neo will be backwards compatible, so games directory must be the same on both consoles. Additional capacity PlayStation 4 Neo, are expected to be used to launch games in 4K resolution and VR-titles.

The Sony PlayStation 4 Neo remain eight cores and 8 GB of RAM

The company Yandex Yandex has released a corporate application for smart watches Apple Watch. It provides access to the eponymous service and allows you to make payments directly from your wrist, without taking each time the smartphone. It should be noted that for the payment of any service to screen hours, it must first be added to the "Favorites." all the basic functions that a mobile app, including payment services, money transfers, check the balance of the electronic purse and receive notifications of committed payments in Yandex version for Apple Watch are available. The developers plan to develop the app and adding new features in the future.

According to research firm IDC, Apple Watch in last year it owned 60% of the market of "smart" watches. Analysts also believe that the next five years, sales of handheld devices will increase by 20% annually and by 2020 their shipments will grow to 214 million units.Another interesting study was carried out by AC & M Consulting, which found that, as of today, about 12 million people in Russia to pay for goods and services using mobile devices. And according to TNS, 38% of Russians use smartphones for payment of electronic purses, 49% use it for SMS-messages, 55% use bank cards, and 61% prefer online banking application. The most popular services for payment with mobile devices are remittances, mobile account replenishment, purchasing at online stores, housing and utility services, as well as taxes and traffic fines.
To install the app on Yandex Apple Watch, it must be downloaded to the iPhone or update to the latest version, and then synchronize the clock. Service is also available on Android, Windows 10, and Windows Phone.

Yandex Application is now available on the Apple Watch

Earlier this year, Sony has launched a test program called Xperia Beta. According to its terms of some of the owners of Xperia smartphones can install on their device beta firmware based on Android Marshmallow, and get acquainted with some new features.Now it became known that the Japanese manufacturer has decided to curtail the test program. However, there is a possibility that the Xperia Beta will be restarted.
It is worth noting that the imminent closure of the testing program Sony representatives said a few months ago. Then they claimed that Xperia Beta is minimized around the middle of this year.
After the closure of the testing program, the participants will no longer receive new beta firmware. However, according to reports in the coming weeks for smartphones Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3 will come a stable update, and participants Xperia Beta it will be set automatically.

Sony Xperia Beta program closes

Company Blackview unveiled a new smartphone protected BV6000s. This unit is a simplified and more affordable version of the conventional BV6000, which in a variety of tests has proved its strength and ability
to survive in the most extreme conditions. 
Externally, the novelty is no different from his "big brother" and has the same protection standard IP68. This means that the smartphone can maintain its performance after prolonged immersion in water at a depth of more than one meter. And thanks to the dedicated button for the camera user can do underwater pictures or shoot video. In addition, Blackview BV6000s performed in the same enclosure protected against shocks that BV6000, and on its lower side there is the atmospheric pressure sensor that will be a welcome addition for people traveling through the mountains.

Almost the entire front surface Blackview BV6000s takes 4.7-inch display with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels, covered with tempered glass Gorilla Glass 3, which supports a screen with gloves on. Responsible for the performance quad-core MediaTek MT6735A, running at a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz, a graphics accelerator Mali-T720 and 2 GB of RAM. For storage applications, music, photos and other files in the smartphone provides 16 GB of internal memory. To take photos and videos are an 8-megapixel main camera with the aperture value of f / 2,0 and 2-megapixel front OV5670 camera with a viewing angle of 85 degrees. Thanks to the battery capacity of 4500 mAh Blackview BV6000s owner can count on a few days of battery life without recharging. Other features of this smartphone can be noted two slots for SIM-cards, support fourth-generation networks and the availability of NFC-module, with which you can make payment through terminals.

Blackview BV6000s is already available for pre-order, and the device goes on sale July 28.

Blackview produces a simplified version of the BV6000